Locking Big Images Breaks

CleanShot 2024-06-07 at 22.29.48

I haven’t been able to reproduce all the time, but if I make an image really big, like full screen almost, and then try to lock it, it breaks and disappears.


i tried this and i couldn’t repro.

  • is this on windows?
  • what happens when you unlock the broken image card?
  • is the url the same before unlocking as after?
  • any console errors?
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I had a big image break like that until I ctrl+F5 refreshed (cache cleared). There was a console error, but I forget which code. Might be able to reproduce…

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when you lock an image, the card with the image element is removed from the dom and a locked card element is added elsewhere (this is for necessary z layering reasons). For some reason it looks like when the locked card element is added, the image refetches. In theory, if the image url hasn’t changed then it should load it again just fine. But in this case it didn’t. Not sure what’s going on there yet.

made some tweaks that might address this. can you let me know if you’re still seeing this issue?