🚨 many cards deleted by today's update

Hello all,

I was tweaking my diagram today, and I noticed the ‘NEW! Update’ button, and I clicked to update the app-

Unfortunately, after reloading the code and page, most of my cards were deleted from my diagram: Untitled-1|690x355

I tried other browsers, clearing localstorage, but they seem to have cascade-deleted on the backend.

This made me sad, as I had geeked out on my diagram it for like 3 hours, instead of doing the actual work that it was helping me to organize.


  1. The deleted cards had been copy/pasted from one original card in a row, and were part of a connection group together- a one-to-many connection with the same label/color).
  2. The first card in the group- (by group I mean just a visual row, not sure if literal grouping exists) was not deleted in this way.
  3. There is no record of the cards in the history menu, it is like they never existed.

TIA and let me know if I can provide further info. Lastly, not sure if its possible, but any chance to recover the deleted cards would be welcome, not important ofc.



Can you dm me an invite link to the space? As well as some of the names of the deleted cards if you can remember?

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Done, thanks!

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