Microsoft Edge app icon has white background

(Hi @pirijan this is more to document for myself, so don’t take it as a request for you to spend any time fixing it)

When I create an “App” out of kinopio on Edge


The app switcher icon ends up having a white background. I don’t know where it’s pulling from. All the assets I see have a transparent background. This is super minor. I plan to dig up documentation about this Edge feature (which has been hard to find).

Aside: notice the icon is nice :slight_smile:

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my guess is that edge is using the apple-touch-icon which is a 180x180 png for use mainly on ios homescreen but also used by unfurlers and other things like that.

if you can change the icon after the fact, here’s a high res kinopio logo you can use


cool, that makes sense now when I see the iOS icon with the white background. When I inspect the package that Edge creates, the icon is in a app.icns file. So I guess if I figured out how to edit that file, and then maybe I would need to update the plist, then I could get that better-looking icon.

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oh it may be a lot easier than that since it’s a .app . Convert the png into an icns (with an icon converter online) , then use