Missing cards during collaboration

from dis in discord

  1. After reopening the board one card is missing (mac os app Dropbox Capture) and same card but also connections are missing (web app Dropbox Capture).


  1. Some other connections are missing in the web app Dropbox Capture, but it’s okay in the mac os app Dropbox Capture.

  1. This is a shared board, and when my friend joined there were some missing cards only for him. I have to recreate them to become visible.

  2. Sometimes connection types disappear. That is, I have three types (A, B and C), but when I reopened the application, one of them (C) disappeared and some connections were reassigned as (A).

stranger things. maybe I need totally recreate this board, I don’t know :sweat_smile:

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updated the original post w screenshots bc the dropbox links are hard to follow

i recently started a new board and every time i opened it i would randomly have blank cards and collapsed boxes

i’ve only seen that blank card issue

dis, can you DM me an invite link to this new space so i can take a look?

also re the collapsed, resized boxes: is it always the same box that’s size is changed?

i’ve dm you via message button. hope it will reach you
resized box is the same box, yes. but it seems okay now. maybe you can see something in logs


RE seeing the connections in one app but not on the website: did the connections appear when you refreshed the website or restarted the app?

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possibly related to this bug report Discord

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