Moving a bunch of cards at once scrunches up the cards into one line

This usually happens in very busy spaces.

When I try to move a bunch of cards to a different location within a given space, the cards bunch up as if they “hit” a wall. Usually, I’m trying to move cards to the top of a space and as soon as they hit the top of my browser window, they fall into one another and lose the original structure I had created.

Example- I have these kind of set up before:

When I select some cards on the right and move them to the top, this happens:

Hope this is clear!


looks like two issues in one:

  1. when you move cards to a new space, they get copied with the same y coordinates they had in the original space, even if that’s out of your current view in the new space
  2. when you drag cards near the edge they scrunch up. The cards should not scroll their y position in the case where there’s no more screen to scroll to (eg. the top of the screen’s y value is already 0)

I’ll look into fixing both issues next week

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Yes! You’re totally right! If the cards are copied to the top of a brand new space I guess I would never run into issue #2!

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fixed this by preventing cards from bunching up when dragged past the top or left edges of a space


Awesome! Can confirm I tested this and it works for me too!