Moving cards spins, JS console error, actually works

I selected a bunch of cards and moved them to an existing space. In the UI, after hitting the Move button, the spinner just keeps spinning. I examined the console and saw this error. In a separate browser, I verified that the cards do show up in the destination space.

ah there was a bug where this would fail if the destination space wasn’t already locally cached, added a fix for this

while i’m here, to reduce upfront complexity, i’m also going to remove the ‘switch to space’ option and add that to the success notification

Screenshot of Vivaldi (2021-02-15, 11-44-33 AM)

I think that’s a good improvement. that choice on whether to switch to the new space or not always slowed me down and I was never sure which one I wanted. leaving you in your current space and presenting the option to go to the new one upon success is the right move – thank you!

ya that’s been my experience too,

wondering if this additional layout streamlining would also help:

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12.18.02 PM

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12.16.15 PM

thoughts? what’s easier to understand at a glance?

I see how the second one is more streamlined with less redundant information (one less “Move”). It’s hard to say which one is easier to understand at a glance, might be about the same.

But studying it a bit more, I wonder if there are other opportunities for streamlining. For example, the destination space name is still mentioned twice. You could possibly get rid of the “Space / + New Space” toggle, and just have the space browser dropdown be after the “To”. Or not get rid of, but integrate the name selection into that toggle? just some thoughts, if I think of more concrete ideas I will share them :slight_smile:

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makes sense but moving the new space into a list of spaces is a whole big scope up so I’ll leave it alone for now and ship just with the streamlined ‘switch to space’ removed

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yup, I was going to mention that too in my message. I realize I was blowing up the scope and don’t want you to feel like I’m asking for that improvement :laughing:

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