Navigate by tags

I’m working on a way to use your tags to provide a non-linear/hierarchical way of moving around your info

  • just like on a card, when you click a tag here, you see the other spaces/cards that the tag appears on

  • most recently used cards are at the top of the list, letting you work on connected cards/themes without having to first find one of the tagged cards

  • makes tags feel like a key part of kinopio instead a power-user only thing



This sounds really great! Before I had to navigate to a space and then find a card with the tag I wanted. Having it in the menu would change the way I use kinopio.

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This is interesting. I haven’t dug into tags too much because I haven’t figured out how I want to use them yet.

@dom do you have any spaces you can share where you’re using tags? I’d love to be inspired :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy to share one! Give me a few days to make something worth sharing :sweat_smile:.

Also, sharing just one space where I’m using tags might not really get at why tags are so great: they’re a way to organize across spaces. (So I’ll share two spaces!).

I haven’t dug into tags too much because I haven’t figured out how I want to use them yet.

Same really. From my experience with other note-taking apps, tags are really easy to overuse and misuse. They can seriously slow you down if you’re too dogmatic with them. So so far I’ve been using them very lightly. I still reach for a new space when I have a new idea; tags always come later.

I’m definitely going to use them though, so I’ll fix up an example!


For sure, no pressure. Thanks!

Same. I have some tags, but not quite enough to really use them for navigation yet.

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my use of tags is probably similar to dom, I think about spaces first and add tags as labels or metadata. What this new feature encourages more of is using/browsing those connected tagged cards.

I explicitly use them for navigation in specific cases like:

  • seeing all my [[todos]] across projects,
  • or jumping to all my responses to a [[confidence boost]] journal entry,
  • or for getting an overview of everything I’ve written about a specific [[person]]

There’s probably plenty of other use-cases, but it’s the kind of thing I hope we all discover organically from the community. (eg via Explore spaces, this forum, or maybe twitter)

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just shipped this out, try it out lmk what you think!


made some refinements to the display of tagged cards

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This is seriously great. Like at the click of a button I can see everything tagged across spaces, so I can see all todos, or everything I tagged with [[sleep well]]. It’s like filtering a space, but filtering all spaces at once, and in a much more readable way :ooo

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