Open a link to a space in the app

I have the app installed on macOS. If I click on this link: Kinopio – Thinking Canvas the Space opens in a Safari tab.

I would like to have the app open it instead.

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ya that’d be great, and how it works on ios. It doesn’t seem supported by the app wrapper service that I’m currently using (closest I could find is custom url protocols: App Options: App Protocols and Deeplinks | ToDesktop Documentation). But in the farther future I’d like to switch to something non-electron-using like Tauri which may or may not support this.


note to self: this is possible in macos. In the case of notion, the website doesn’t know if the app is installed but just assumes based on being on a mac, and displays this pop-up

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if i click ‘open in app’ some js runs and summons a browser alert window to ask if i want to do this. If I confirm then the app opens to the current notion url. On subsequent visits to the url in a browser, the url opens in the browser and the app also loads to that page.

If the app is already running the new page will open in a new tab in the app bc the app supports tabs (because of how they look when they conditionally load in, I suspect the tabs are also a webview, which is weird/electron-y)

Kind of cool