Personal user spaces/page

I like the idea of having a personal user space. I recently made one here. I’m also using it as my Twitter “link in bio” so I made a custom URL @

So, basically this, as a feature. One space that’s nameable with a nice URL that would be linked to your user info card.

See Personal open Kinopio spaces (via bentsai) for more examples. These ones are all open, so they’ve got additional ~sign my guestbook~ vibes. I also really like that idea, like you might want to drop someone a comment after discovering their explore/live spaces.

Also marketing

It would be an easily shareable URL, a central hub that links to your favourite spaces. Good for introducing people to Kinopio!

I think that making a map of yourself is a pretty accessible point of entry and something cool you can start with in your 100 card limit.


P.S. also do sign my guestbook


+1 I’ve basically made this my central hub in the internet:


I totally vibe with the idea of a personal user space. I liken it to a public profile page/space.

Yeah, what if the URL were, like Maybe that could be a feature for upgraded folks. It feels like “claiming” some space on this platform, like you get your own section of the club.

But this is a good point too. It might be pretty attractive for folks trying the service out, a great way to get them started with some sort of template/idea (which I think would be helpful – my sense is that people find Kinopio, but don’t necessarily know what to do with it to exercise it. what better content than something you’re the subject matter expert in?).

Yeah, this is exactly why I created that “directory”. I wanted to promote and explore the idea of people having home pages that others could comment on.

I don’t want to get too far in the weeds on this next topic because I’ve brought it up a lot, but I wonder if creating an Open space feels too open. You have the profile part where you talk about yourself, and then you have a guestbook section. And you probably only want people to add to the guestbook section. But as it is, they can put cards anywhere in the space. A “malicious” person could go and junk up the whole space. This was a big motivation for me to push for a comments feature. The way it is implemented now, you can add comment cards anywhere, which can be collapsed and less intrusive, but you can’t restrict someone to comments. And comment cards can still go anywhere.

okay, I did too:)

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:100: Very cool !

You should add it to Explore too so more ppl see it :slight_smile: . If you decided not too, I’d love to know the reason tho so I can improve it

That’s a cool idea, one of the main reasons I haven’t done some kind of user urls is from my experience at glitch - basically we built user pages and project pages but nobody really shared either (it was all about the apps, equivalent to spaces)


It seems like they exist now ( – I wonder what has changed and how useful they are these days.

To me Kinopio feels different. Kinopio spaces are very personal and empower people to express themselves creatively. I would love a way to share all the cool spaces I’ve made without having to worry about where to publish that or host it. And I’d love to see what others have done with their spaces as well. The appeal is broader because it is not just about whether I find a project useful (like on glitch), but rather seeing other people’s thoughts and ideas.

Oh ya they existed back then (I built them initially), what I’m saying is that people didn’t really share them. Eg “check out my cool glitch profile”

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Is that (in theory) what explore is for?

I guess maybe it would help to ask what ‘share’ means in this context.
The what , where , why and how

Partly. I think what I mean by share is more along the lines of:

I want to share with the world the cool spaces I’ve made on Kinopio. If there’s one URL I can send people that shows my work, and maybe like recent activity. I can compile my Explore spaces manually and add them to another space and share out that URL, but that’s pretty tedious. I think the request is to make that more first class.

And on the other end, when I browse a cool space, I want to see other spaces this person has made. I can sorta do that by clicking on the user dialog and seeing what public spaces they have. But again, that is pretty tedious.

Another real-world example is GitHub. I can go and see what projects someone has created. And as the creator, anything I’ve made public will show up there automatically.

how? I’m not sure if this is building separate profile pages, or some automation/tools that make it easy for someone to maintain a public profile space. This sounds like it might be veering slightly away from (or building on top of) @jordanne’s original request, which sounds like it was for everyone to get a personal Kinopio URL on the domain.

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Thought I’d share that on my blog, I’ve added one of @jordanne’s buttons in the navigation, which points to my Central Hub kinopio space.

I still need to figure out how to get it to actually display properly so it’s not a little spec, but felt relevant to the convo.


so generally, it sounds like elevating an arbitrary space that you create/curate is a better approach than a website/view that automatically/neatly lists your spaces?

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Somehow I haven’t seen this space before. This is VERY COOL.
How you go deeper into the timeline spaces… I feel like I just went into your brain.

Right right? I thought that too, but I really like the idea of them consolidated into one page. Like I’d want to draw out a zone that is editable. But at this point I’m going to assume good faith and hope that my haters don’t get their hands on my page (jk)

On the other hand, I see @kordumb has opted for a separate space for notes, which I totally understand

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for me the use case that comes up is when you get emails that mention a user, it’d be nice to be able to click the user and learn more about them/see their spaces

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Do you see a personal page as something that’s like a normal/uniform structured page (eg pketh (Pirijan) · GitHub), or like a regular space but special somehow?

The advantage of the normal kind of page is that everyone will have a personal page without having to put in the work to build something from scratch. And I can add the ability to pin a space for something you really want someone to check out

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I don’t remember where it was since it was awhile ago, but I had mentioned either if someone puts a Kinopio link in their bio to have it formatted like a Kinopio space link or just having an additional area for a Kinopio space.

I added my central hub space to my Kinopio bio and was hoping to encourage others to do similar things.


If it were to be an automated type page, would it replace the little bio pop-up you have today or be an additional click to get to that page.

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Probably an additional click. I think it’d be weird and jarring to go to another page instantly on clicking a user avatar

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What do you think of this MVP, which lets you select a space of yours to mark as a personalSpace. Your personal space would then be shown to others when they click your user avatar.

Is this something you’d find useful? Is this interface clear to you?
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on second thought, i think a better approach to add the ability to have/add multiple arbitrary website links

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I do like the MVP and would use it. It might be a but confusing for new people on the purpose, but given it’s under the url field, that may give enough direction.

I get the ability to add multiple arbitrary links, but I do think there is value in people able to direct other Kinopian’s to specific spaces and having it feel like Kinopio, rather than a lengthy url…