Progress on card filter views

in action on my pretty chaotic test space,


There’s a lot of edge cases with the implementation. One main thing is that the card updatedTime is based on any kind of update like moving it. So I’ve had to make sure cards separately track when their Name is changed to make the likely expectations of a using it for seeing who’s mainly responsible for a card.

Also these new filters are connected to you as a user: so if you refresh the page, or switch spaces it’ll stay active. I figure there’s gonna be users and use cases that just want the filter on persistently.

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Looks awesome, I can’t wait to try this! The last-touched-by-user data will make it easier to “comment” on open/collaborative spaces. One thing I am interested in seeing with the last-updated-time data is whether it gives me a sense of the chronology of the cards in a space. From that data, I can kinda see the order I created cards, which is useful in a log/diary context.

A thought on the design: these new items are meta data, so in my mind, not conceptually part of the thought/idea capture on the card. So I kinda expected those elements to look like they are attached or hanging off the card, rather than the card expanding to contain it. Just my initial impression.

A request: I can see myself wanting to quickly toggle these filters on and off. For example, in a brainstorming type session, to quickly see who generated this idea. But then I would want to turn it off. This is in the context of me often sharing my screen, so people are seeing my view. So, keyboard shortcuts to toggle these views would be nice :slight_smile:

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coolz, i can add keyboard shortcuts

right now I’m using 1 and 2 keys to filter
Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 9.15.39 AM

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jamming on those 1 & 2 keys

in code review now

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aand it’s shipped :confetti_ball:

let me know how it works for you.

one caveat: the updatedAt dates for previously created cards will be a bit off (you’ll notice that everything says it was updated like 19hours ago), but they’ll become correct once you edit their names.
New cards created will work flawlessly.

I just realized the way I was describing the meta-data hanging “off the card” rather than being in the card is exactly how image cards are rendered.

Is there a reason it’s different from a text-only card? I like how the user and time pill are stuck at the bottom of the card, but outside of it.

the reason for the diff is just a bug.

i initially included filter labels inside the card because it’s technically card info, but it’s probably a net win to not have the card sizes shift when filters are enabled

wip updating now to have the filter labels hang off the bottom

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Oh, that’s great. I like the WIP you have now the best :slight_smile:

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the updates have been shipped

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