Request: keyboard shortcuts for todo toggle and frame selection

It’d be cool to have keyboard shortcuts to toggle through todo states (like clicking the button). I was thinking hitting a key while hovering over the card.

For assigning a frame, it would be nice to be able to do that while in card creation mode. I know that’s a slightly new paradigm to do that. Kinda like how you can assign a card to someone in Trello by typing @ and then you get a dropdown where you can select. Once you hit enter, the text you typed goes away, and the card gets the assignment.



the first one should be easy enough to do, I’ll look into it this week, what key were you thinking? x to toggle?

the second one requires more thinking on, that kind of functionality might be rolled into a general/extendable @ function or / function dropdown instead of being a bespoke frames command in the future

Yes, I was thinking of x but didn’t want to be prescriptive :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree. I would love a more general solution that would make Kinopio overall easier to use with a keyboard. For example, a way to connect a card as you are creating it. :v: