Should upload images be resized?

i wouldn’t feel too guilty, space is cheap: 1tb costs me 5$ a month and there’s a cap of 1gb per file for paid users (5mb for unpaid).

Will the link be cleaned up at some point?

No the links only are cleaned up if you remove the space and then permanently remove it (sidebar → remove)

policy there in general

upload whatever files you need for working on your space , or images you want to host elsewhere. don’t upload your harddrive or other multi-gb things.

How many is too many?

There’s no enforced maximum because so far there hasn’t been any need for that.

when I upload an image for a background…

background images might get resized but it’ll be a diff size limit than card images because they’re displayed bigger. The limits will be hardcoded instead of based on device size because other ppl on other devices will view your space, or you might use a diff computer. And also because there are scenarios where you want the background image to be larger than your screen.

I suspect this will be automatic and not have an interface to keep user friction low and the code in scope.

Sometimes I need to reupload an image and I wonder: What happens to the old image?

the image urls are scoped to the card id so if you upload the same image in another card it’ll be uniquely uploaded. if you remove the image from a card and upload an image with the same filename onto the same card then it’ll overwrite the old one.

Is there a way I can clean up after myself?

permanently removing spaces you don’t use should do this, but there’s no real need to do this for most ppl

background images, I’m not sure if there is any size that I can imagine being ‘too big’, so if anything it would be file size based for your server costs

from my pov the main consideration is loading time. if you have a space bk that’s 3mb, then you on other machines or visitors to your space have to dl that 3mb file. large files may also cause scrolling perf issues.

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