Snapping relative to other cards to allow tidying cards

Per discord:

The more I think about this, I think snapping would be really useful. The current way is to use the align-and-tidy context menu actions, but it would be a smoother workflow to:

  1. Create card
  2. Drag into place with snapping so it is nice and tidy

The current workflow is create a card, select the card and other card you want to align with, select align-and-tidy. Then create next card and repeat. Or you have to create all the cards and then do it.

I could imagine shift-dragging would enable snapping. Currently this is used for restricting movement to a single axis, but I feel like this is a lot more useful.


Probably getting to complicated here, but if it could also recognize when you place something in the middle of two snapped cards and shifted automatically to make space, that would replace my desire for lists.

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It wouldn’t replace my desire for lists, but I agree that would be super useful:) It is in the same vain as making the workflow of tidying cards much more efficient. This is an even better example because here, you have to select some cards, make space, place the new card, then select the whole list and tidy.

What would you still need lists for (if this type of implementation were possible where you can essentially have easily reshuffleable vertical columns of cards?

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Two things come to mind:

  • An easy way to manipulate a list (like one drag target to move instead of having to select).
  • More importantly, semantic representation that goes to the data-model level. That makes it possible to deal with lists via the API for example. Imagine a script that moves incomplete tasks from today’s “list” to tomorrow’s (once you pass over the day boundary).


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bc there is partial overlap, I think it makes sense to re-investigate this after grouped lists are completed