Spaces drop down menu doesn’t collapse when a new space is created

Minor issue but makes the mobile experience feel glitchy

Safari on iOS

  • Open the spaces button to select a new space

  • Go to new space but the spaces drop down doesn’t collapse/go away, I have to click into the space to make it go away

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the space dialog deliberately stays around after making a new space to allow you to rename it immediately if you want.

Are you saying it feels glitchy because after hitting ‘+ space’ it’s not clear that new space was created, or for some other reason?

Sorry I should have clarified-I’m not making a new space, just going from existing space A to new space B. Once I’m in the new space, the drop down sticks around- has that always been the case? It feels glitchy because once I am in another pre-existing space, I shouldn’t typically need to change the space name.

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makes sense, i’ll think about it and try some things out

after playing around with this more, I agree with @Dessie :slight_smile:

When I use the space menu to navigate to a new space, I think the menu should close after I click on the space (in both mobile and desktop). 99% of the time, I want to use the space rather than access anything in the menu, so it’s almost always an extra click/tap.


This is how most of the other menus work as well. One exception is the user › spaces › browser menu, which does disappear after you navigate to a space.

Admittedly, this has never bothered me before until @Dessie mentioned it.

For the Filters menu, I think it makes sense to keep the menu open since often you will want to toggle multiple filters.

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Haha sorry about that… For some reason when I “reported” this I mistakenly thought that the sticky menu was a recent bug! :woman_facepalming:t4: At the time it felt more… intrusive because I was using it on the phone and there is a lot less “free” screen space to click away from it.

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No, I know where you’re coming from – the small screen size definitely exacerbates the negatives of the behavior. When you have a lot of room, and are using a mouse, it’s not a big deal to click off to make the menu disappear.


I have a fix for this in the works, which I’ll release tmrw and let you know here

when you add a new space or journal space the spaces dialog now closes itself

@pirijan: a consequence of the change to close the dialog upon creating a new space (which turns out is not what the original bug was about, and I missed this too in the subsequent discussion) is that now you don’t have the opportunity to edit the name of that new space (which is also a more recent change.)

In other words, I think we shouldn’t close the space dialog when creating a new space. It should remain open, and then randomly-generated space name should be highlighted so the user can quickly give their new space a name.

Hope that makes sense – I just noticed that behavior is gone now because of this :slight_smile:

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makes sense, i’ll look into that soon

ok just shipped out the following change

  • Add new space: the dialog does not close, the space name is focused
  • Change to existing space: the dialog closes
  • Add new Journal space: the dialog closes

Thank you! Just tested, and it works!

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