Spaces seems to be constantly going out of sync, but not actually?

First off, thanks for making this awesome tool! I use it for everything; and it’s really inspired me as a designer. More websites should look like this.

Now my problem: in some spaces, this persistent danger item seems to be constantly coming up, even if I’ve done nothing:


And most of the time, it doesn’t seem to matter? Like I’ll keep editing cards, and think “all right I guess I’ll refresh it now”, and everything’s still there. So much so that I’ve been considering just like making it invisible via the dev tools, or at least making my background the same grapefruit color so that I don’t visually notice it anymore (both very evil plans I know).

Anyone else experiencing this? Can I provide more information to help? Am I doing something wrong? My connection seems fine.


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Hi @dom, fellow user here!

I’ve not seen this problem before. I use the tool frequently across different browsers and also phone. I’m curious if you can see if there are any errors in the DevTools console. Cheers,


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Hey @bentsai!

I see an error in the console related to the Manifest, but that doesn’t seem related to the sync going on here. This might be though:


I imagine that’s not supposed to be happening 90+ times :sweat_smile:.

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eep that’s super weird, we’ll get to the bottom of it tho :slight_smile:

if you check your network tab does it show that data is being fetched for your space (either once or 90 times)?

In safari (chrome is similar),

  • refresh the page,
  • go to the devtools Network tab,
  • filter by XHR requests,
  • look for a request name with a rando-looking UUID (that’s your spaceId)
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It looks like it’s being fetched (successfully? I might add) just as many times as it’s console loggged; this is from today:


I’ll keep the tab alive as long as I can–happy to share any more information!

hmm wild, that’s helpful tho, followup Qs:

  • can you PM me the full spaceId and the response you get from the request?
  • Also can you PM me your local cached space which you can get by putting JSON.parse(localStorage['space-SPACEID']) in the console?
  • you mentioned that this happens in some spaces but not others?

I’ll look into this deeply tmrw,


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