Suggestions: image/gif resizing, font italics/bold/underline


I’ve been thinking of ways kinopio can be improved after using it daily as a to do list.

I love adding cute sticker pics and gifs from gyfcat and giphy but I find that sizing could greatly improve the experience.
The way the cards change to a small background to the text only when adding texts and images to a card looks unsightly when compared to the other cards with text only.
The las thing that i would like to suggest is adding bold/italic/underline options to text. i understand that kinopio might have a clutter free and ease of use design in mind but i would still love to see it implemented.

Is there a discord or a proper way to give more feedback? i love my experience with kinopio and it helped me a lot to organize my thoughts and be more productive, I;d love to help with feedback.

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hi xea,

sorry for the late reply! You’re def in the right place to post feedback. We used to have a Kinopio Slack but it wasn’t as productive as a forum for being able to keep track of things (as well as being higher stress).

re sizing:
can you tell me more about how you’d like to size things? are you wanting to make things bigger or smaller? by teh same amount (eg 2x) or by an arbitrary/custom scale?

re bold/underline etc.
for now there’s a hack you can use to have this for yourself via markdown:

thanks again!

Welcome @xea! You’re in the right place for feedback :wink:

For what it’s worth, I tried the userscript that @pirijan posted. It didn’t work for me (as you can see in my comment on the gist). If you’re able to figure it out, let us know. But also, if you’re really keen on using it, I can give it another shot and try to get it working :slight_smile:


PS Thanks for adding a silly face!

I added a gist comment that corrects a name parsing bug in the original script, should help you fix it. If you need a full fork lmk and I’ll get to it later tho

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Cool! The gist doesn’t quite work because it’s missing container. I’m not asking for a full fork, just FYI. I also don’t have time atm to dig into it;)

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ah i thought container was global, anywho updated my comment in the gist to fix this (although untested)


@bentsai unfortunately I have very little coding knowledge so I can figure out how to fix the code :disappointed:
glad you noticed :eye::lips::eye:

@pirijan I have tried using the code with the alterations you made but I can’t seem to get it to work I’m guessing it is a syntax error (again I have very little knowledge in coding)

I think an arbitrary resizing tool to click and drag on the corner of an image like a window would be ideal, maybe it would be better in the corners to avoid stretching the images and keep the ascpect ratio fixed.
I generally wanna resize bigger for emphasis or smaller to make room for more text.

text over image:
I also wanna elaborate on why i think the text over image overlay is unsightly.
I think sharp and thin border/edges round the text look inconsistent with the rest of the smooth rounded edges with other cards.
it is more apparent when using pngs or transparent gifs.
and my suggestion to improve it is perhaps using a slightly bigger, rounded edged borders around the text.
I believe you may have opted for that appearance so it obstructs the image as less as possible but it could be a good tradeoff for the sake of consistent aesthetics.

hope my feedback makes sense


hi!! i hope it’s okay to jump in @xea, but i also want to say that image resizing would be valuable. i use kinopio to plan projects and collect my inspiration/reference pics and being able to scale them would help a lot with organising my spaces. here’s how it’s implemented in pureref, which i think could work well in kinopio too.


Thanks you two, I think resizing would be pretty neat too. That said, because of the precision required to grab a card edge and pull, it might have to a desktop only feature. It’s something I’ll add to the roadmap to do in the future

re the markdown gist, I’ll look into making a usable fork soon

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got the markdown userscript working, it’s not perfect but the core functionality should work now

instructions at:

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I don’t seem to have permission to see that space :slight_smile:

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whoops, forgot to change the privacy. fixed now

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I have a proposal. What if you gave us the option to keep the image’s original size? That would give us the control of how big we want it rendered without a full-on resize option. :slight_smile:

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i can see just ‘original size’ being too limiting, as well as requiring another button instead of just being able to drag from the edge

@pirijan so the code is allowing me to markdown using the syntax but the cards get scrambled when i delete a card have a look using the code

this is my to do list try deleting a card with the script on hope you can recreate the issue it’s all getting scrambled
ps i’m using firefrox on windows 10 if you u need to know

re: resizing
perhaps a hold on the edge or a modifier like a keyboard button (like the modifiers shift or ctrl etc for the card connections) would restore to oirignal size? i like that idea i have some 4k/8k renders i’d like to see in original full size

For what it’s worth, I was seeing this behavior when I tried my own modifications to the original gist. It seems like an off-by-one error where the new element being added (with rendered markdown) is matched with the previous/next card. I couldn’t figure out the bug though:P

Agreed this is more limiting. I was thinking of how to limit the scope :wink: Also this option would be work on mobile. But I’m cool if you implement a more powerful resize :call_me_hand:


I hate to use Confluence (super enterprisy software) as an example, but it serves the purpose here. When you add an image, you get the option for S, M, L, and Original Size. You can also specify pixel size:


This has the advantage of making it easy to have images be sized the same, if your goal is to have a tidy, nicely organized space. Dragging an image to resize is super-flexible, but hard to be precise (if you wanted to size two images the same, for example.) Just for consideration, and I’m not saying I want this widget in Kinopio. Just talking about concepts :slight_smile:

When you add an image, you get the option for S, M, L, and Original Size

i like the idea prespecified of S, M , L sizes but also wary of adding another button, I guess if it’s conditional on having an image url in your card that would be okay. I also like how it’s a mobile capable solution too. I have to think more about use cases though, if the main use cases lean towards custom sizing (or if drag to resize just feels better), then I’ll skip the ui and do drag only… food for thought.

Let me know more about your ideal big card/image usecases, it’s super helpful :slight_smile:
So far I’ve got

  • making gyfcat stickers smaller,
  • moodboards: collecting and prioritizing inspiration/reference imgs (custom sizing)

re markdown:
Userscript plugin is a real pain to work on because there’s no logging/debugging tools. At this point, if everyone in here wants markdown, it’ll be easier for me to build it in kinopio for reals. Added to roadmap

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adding a little padding around text inside images for a smoother feel


@pirijan thank you that is much better and exactly what i thought it should look like !
i’m also recommending “dark reader” extension for you to see how a dark mode could possibly look like

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