Tags in Box Name

Probably structurally hard to do at this point given boxes are separate from cards, but was curious what others thought… if possible to use Tags in the box name.

Was thinking they could show up in the Tags dialog in the same manner as cards that only have a single tag today like so:

And / or… if we want to get spicy… it could show you all the cards in the box with the tag… that’s admittedly stretching a bit…. but no harm in throwing it out there.

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This is one of those, ‘pending wider demand’ because as you guessed, it’s a lot of work for a possibly niche use case that has a workaround.

Philosophically, I’m still on the fence of what (if anything) should be box-only and what should be card-only in terms of creative constraints


Yeah, figured it’d be super niche.

I do think it would be cool, if this ever hits the roadmap, that applying the box tag to the cards within would be worth the extra effort.


Just capturing a second +1 to this from Discord: https://discord.com/channels/857305113936134204/876918592313110608/1010277345082474547

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This is me!

Before I used a top-level card which I connected all child cards to in order to group them together. By doing so, that top-level card could be tagged with some attribute so that I could easily find all “groups” with a specific tag.

Now with boxes, groups are much easier as I can remove that top-level card and just put the children directly in the box! However, I lose the ability to tag each group.

Example use case: you have a board with recipes, and you use a box for each recipe. You then want to tag each recipe by “breakfast”, “lunch”, or “dinner” so that you can find and see which recipes are for which type of meal.