Toggle-able Layers for Groups/Cards

Allow us to have the ability to define layers where we can place cards/groups/connections, then toggle them on/off.

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can you provide more information on your use cases, and how you’d expect the interface for this to look/work?

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So this is the combined view when all the layers are turned on. Kinopio – Thinking Canvas

These would be the individual layers if we were to toggle them off.

This could also be achieved through labels if we can toggle labels on/off, but group boxes may also need labels.


Thanks for the examples! In both the boxA and box1 example groups, is the missing feature to complete your layers workflow mainly the ability to ‘toggle them on/off’?

Another approach is to have layers = separate spaces like you do in the examples, and then from a central/main/parent space link to those layer spaces (with a / command)

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I’ve thought of having boxes be collapsable, but I couldn’t figure out what should happen if a box was collapsed and then new cards were added into the area where the box would normally be? if the box was then expanded would those new cards become part of the box because they’re technically now inside it?

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Correct, ideally I’d be able to toggle on/off the different layers. Separate spaces would also work. The only issue is how we would connect cards from two different workspaces.

If the boxes were collapsed, I would expect cards in that area would not be part of the box, but behind it.

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This is why I wish the relationship between boxes and cards were more formal and explicit. Due to the loose relationship currently, boxes are very limited in their usefulness for organizing cards. One easy example is, if you have a box of cards, and you drag it around. You will end up accidentally picking up other cards if you let go of the box while over other cards.

What are your thoughts on changing this? :slight_smile:

How would you foresee a formal association be assigned and unassigned? There’s a balance between easy to use and powerful but obtuse to walk.

That said , I lean towards doing Lists (it’s always in the back of my mind) first and then going super deep on pro-only features for this need , if they’re still needed :slight_smile:

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For connecting some cards across diff spaces [[tags]] (aka labels) is prob your best bet rn

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Yes, there is certainly a balance, and I can appreciate the raw-ness of the currently implementation.

What if adding and removing cards from a box were more of an explicit action? So, everything would work the same, except that when moving a box, it doesn’t pick up cards if you happen to set the box down. Moving cards into a box would add it to the box, moving cards out of a box would remove it, resizing a box would redefined what cards are in and out.

This would make the box contents a little more stable and more useful as a way to manipulate and group cards.

This doesn’t solve the layer idea in this original thread’s idea, but I think the box is the wrong metaphor for that because things in a box are necessarily proximate.

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