Troubles with Connection types

I still feel that connection types in Kinopio are a little bit weird guys. They are not synced across spaces and when I create a new one, they all get randomly weird numbers, like I have no idea, why I have connection types 19 and 49 here.


Any thoughts or making them better? :slight_smile:

ya not sure what caused the count to jump like that prob a bug, but in either case just having a bunch of numbers is never gonna be as good as using your own custom names.

types are deliberately scoped to a single space only, having to start each new space inheriting a bunch of potentally irrelevant types would be a drag

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I am thinking wheather there could be a better solution for managing them and naming them?

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One could even get connection types just random silly names or name them after colors? Even that would be maybe better? Just brainstorming.

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