Unite search (Brainstorming)

Especially now, as Kinopio gets more and more features, I feel that its UI/UX is a little bit inconsistent. There are different places that can do something similar but not the same thing, scattered across the screen. I have addressed the search card and card text editor elsewhere. I think, one could perhaps improve also the search and unite it somehow.

Currently, there are following, separate places for searching:

  • Spaces (left sidebar)
  • Cards (left top, next to +new)
  • Tags (right sidebar)

Why so many? Sometimes I am maybe not completely sure whether something is a card or a space, or maybe even a tag.


This is for discussion but I see that other apps often try to combine both. E.g., in UpNote, when I search, I get folders and notes. In SiYuan, I get pages and blocks, etc.

Just brainstorming.


I don’t have too strong of an opinion on this, but figured I’d drop in my two cents.

I like to pin the tag/links dialog open, which imo, requires it to be on the right side (since spaces “start” in the top left) to ensure all cards are visible without having to unpin.

And the main spaces list makes sense in the top left since that’s where we start.

I’m curious what you’d imagine combining search and spaces list would look like?


Perhaps it could be as simple as also including space and tag results in the card search. Rather than removing existing functionality from elsewhere