Up voting cards Feature Request

A feature I would love to see if the ability for other people to “upvote” cards using emoji.

I’ve been playing with various tools designed to support co-creation when thinking through problems or ideas.

Getting feedback on ideas is really important. But if the feedback is purely verbal participants can hold back critique or feel pressured to like the bosses idea best and of course the issues around highest paid persons opinion (hippo) can influence the whole room.

To combat this and build confidence in working one approach we have used is to ask participants to apply simple sticky dots onto sketchbook / printed roughs to indicate if you like something.

You can even use multi colour dots to indicate agile type reviews with colours for Stop, Continue, Start etc.

When I started to introduce more digital tools into the ideas workflow we transitioned to using emojis to upvote or quickly indicate preferences to ideas and concepts in the same way.

Much like the sketchbook you are not permitted to upvote on your own cards. The application of the emoji should also be anonymous as well to avoid the above pitfalls.

Here is a very rough visualisation for Kinopio. Of course how you open the emoji panel and how you add a count to the certain emoji, could be handled a bit like Slack etc.


@adamprocter welcome to the forum! Thanks for the context around getting feedback in collaborative sessions. I’ve run many (with kinopio and other tools, analog and digital) and agree with lowering the friction and barriers to solicit feedback. The idea of adding reactions to cards is cool, I would definitely find that useful.

I’ve seen examples of people “hacking” this in with existing tools, so that’s probably a sign that there’s a desire for it.




On the note of dot voting, I’ve employed tags like this:

Also for red, green, yellow indicators:

  • keeping upvotes anonymous is interesting. I can see both sides. Sometimes if I’m providing feedback, I want the author to see that I gave it a thumbs up so they can direct their response to me. But also, I agree with cases where anonymity is important to get more honest feedback.
  • do you envision that emoji responses should be any emoji, or should it be a limited set?
  • my intent is not to hijack your thread, just to provide some examples of what others have done so we can hone in on the best solution :slight_smile:

– ben

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Thanks, those workarounds are nice and demonstrate what I am discussing.
I think for Emoji voting this is about getting anonymous and quick feedback.
If you want to give detailed feedback from yourself I would use a comment (be great if comment cards could be longer) - of course you can be anonymous by giving yourself a random name.
I think if you can include the whole emoji panel then do - I used the vue-emoji-picker in nodenogg.in as it was off the shelf good enough

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