Use Last Connection Type - iOS and Keyboard Shortcut

Two Things:

  1. Replacement for Shift + Connection on iOS - probably not an easy thing. But I sometimes want to use the last connection type when on iOS without having to go to settings.

  2. A keyboard shortcut (not iOS) to toggle the last connection type setting - I’m thinking something more permanent than just shift so I can toggle that setting without having to actually go into settings. I often find myself in two different “modes” and it’d be nice to do one quick trigger to switch rather than holding shift constantly.

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re1: I’m planning on replacing the default connection behaiviour so that last connection type is the default, and new colors are what you can opt into with shift+connection. The current default encourages messy spaces that are color just because – instead of colors having a reason

Maybe for #2, a general keyboard shortcut to open user settings would make sense?

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The issue with #1 is there isn’t a great way to toggle on iOS. Since you don’t have a keyboard you can’t do Shift + Connections. So you basically have to go into the settings every time you want the other behavior (or try to click the line on iOS, which can be tricky sometimes on a smaller screen, especially with busier spaces).

Edit: I do think I’m an outlier in how much I use on iOS (and try to do the bulk of things from iPad with Smart Keyboard) so I get these little things are far from a priority.

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May or may not be useful, but do you know about the ‘default’ connection type checkbox in the connection dialog? You can use it to force new lines to use that type even when you have the user setting to create new connection types on drag

Yeah, I use that too. That comes back to trying to tap the connection lines, which can be trickier on small screens, especially with busier spaces.

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