Version History to Playback Space

Sometimes my collaborators accidentally delete the cards or move the cards into the wrong position as they are learning their way through Kinopio. I would love a version history similar to Google Docs or Notion that way I can roll back change.

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Not sure if this is would help, but through sidebar -> trash you’ll be able to restore removed cards . (But it’s not a full timeline currently so moving cards can’t be rolled back).

Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that, but yeah snapshots would be nice. I also started thinking about the notion off forking or remixing spaces. I know you can duplicate them right now, but there isn’t a way to tell who forked it. Maybe it’s about granular permissions that prevent full copy/paste to another space/duplicating a space.

when you duplicate a space, that space gets it’s originSpaceId attribute set to the original space.

I don’t think it’s user exposed yet (but you can get this through the API). I could add it to sidebar → stats in the future though?