Vertical Edge Selector

Would it be possible to implement a selector tool that would appear at the top edge and select all cards to the right? Similar to how the existing selector works on the left that selects all cards on the bottom.


This would be useful to me. The broader use case for both of these selectors is helping me make room in a space. The other thing I sometimes do is select all cards and drag southeast. I think making space in the upper-left is a major use case because that’s kinda like the most prominent space.

It gets harder when you have a somewhat busy space and you want to make room in the middle somewhere. Boxes help if you’ve got regions defined by them.


Same here. I try to keep the Northwest / upper-left corner empty for new things, and this would also be helpful with making new space in the middle of a busy board.

I like boxes for more or less final/processed areas that I don’t expect to change much (or add so much that would require making the boxes bigger).


makes sense to me, but I’ll have to see if the header gets in the way of this (especially if you’re trying to put your vertical selection in either the far right or left)