Want to make tool to map type signatures to cards

I want to write an app to convert Haskell type signatures to cards so I can look at them all at once instead of one at a time.

I noticed you can import json which seems better than using the API to enter cards given the rate limit.

I’m uncertain about a few things in the json format.

  • can the ids of cards and connections be any alphanumeric string?
  • connections seem to have path information. is it possible to just specify the cards the connection goes between and not figure out the path info?

The other thing that will get in the way is that cards have a limited number of characters. Data type definitions can be pretty long and won’t fit. I was wondering if the limit could be increased… by a lot. In the example I’m looking at there is 1 definition that doesn’t fit by maybe 20 characters, but in general maybe some code base has some data type with 200 fields, which would be pretty ridiculous but does exist.

Hey jshen, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

  • re ids: I use nanoids for ids , it’s a short random string. I think tho that if you omit ids from your json it’ll auto generate it (I can add that if it doesn’t work , lmk)
  • increasing the card size to infinite would potentially create some server side and syncing issues. I can bump it by 20 chars if that would be enough for you tho, again lmk. Alternatively you might be able to split long definitions into multiple cards placed close together?