WIP favourite spaces show which have NEW unread edits

I’ve been working on this , on and off over the last week. The ‘1’ here shows you how many favoritespaces have new updates

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.03.06 AM

clicking favorites opens this dialog, which shows you what’s NEW

:thought_balloon:but this is only for your favorites:

  • if you favorite your own space (scarlet drifter in this case), you’ll see the NEW in favorites, but not in your normal spaces list
  • would you want to see this for all your spaces? , even the ones you don’t favorite? (there may be a server bottleneck to this, but maybe it’ll be okay)
  • or does favoriting implicitly mean that "I care about updates to only these spaces of mine)

currently favoriting your own space pins it to the top of your spaces list. The only current implication being “I’ve favorited my own space because I want the quickest access to it”


after thinking about it, I think implicitly opting into seeing NEW spaces by favoriting makes the most sense

– and isn’t redundant with the space notifications, for all your own spaces, that you already get in the top right

shipped :canoe:,
I’ve got some documentation and marketing that I’ll do for it tonight

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L E T ’ S G O !

I saw my first “1”, of course it was your :seedling: Life tasks space :slight_smile:

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  • (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)
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Once you click on the favorites space with new changes, it would be cool if there were a log showing all the changes so you can easily see what the new one was (similar that I have with my own spaces).


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One minor improvement: right now, when I click on the favorite spaces button, I see the NEW annotation, but as soon as I navigate to one of those new spaces, all of the NEW states get cleared, so I no longer know which other ones were new. If the NEW label can stay until I navigate there, that would be better :slight_smile:

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I wonder if I should change the behaviour from:

  • closing the dialog clears out all the NEW spaces (twitter, notion, are.na style)


  • don’t automatically clear the list, have an explicit ‘clear NEW’ button?


What twitter behavior are you referring to?

The main problem for me is, I only have one shot to see what spaces have new content. In fact, I just opened mine and accidentally clicked away. If I hadn’t committed what I saw in that dialog to memory, I would have lost that information forever. The list is not even sorted by most recently updated, so there’s truly no way to see it anymore from the UI.

I think it would get tedious to have to explicitly clear the NEW tag. I would expect the system to know that I visited the space, so it should remove the tag once that happens.

when you click the notifications bell icon: the count immediately gets removed, and the existing notifications are marked as read the next time when you open it again

Got it. In that case, the notifications are sorted reverse-chronologically, so I have a clue which ones are new. Also, I think the new notifications in the main panel also get some new indicator (can’t remember because my volume of notifications is pretty low :wink: ).

they do , but only when you first open them.

I could look into that too, as an option. This is how the notifications in the top-right are ordered. (presumably no problem with those?)

Correct, the top-right notifications dialog works well.

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