WIP mobile improvements

mobile improvements are now in beta


try it out on your :phone: mobile phone and let me know how it goes :smiley:

Overall, almost all interactions should feel smoother and more polished (less things jumping around), and have more room to view your content during interactions

complete changelog (maybe only relevant to me)

X scroll: header/footer/moons fade and reposition
X pinch zoom reposition ^
X header calcs correct width (RE space name truncation)
x if dialog or card is visible/open, disable handleTouchEvents in header/footer (eg change space name)
x update position better when ios keyboard scrolls out of view
x link card button (QA-ed on staging w url then back)
x offscreen moons fade out during scroll (too jumpy still, avoid excess calcs)
X carddetails size always 1 even if zoomed out
x focusout, hide footer for 10 frames (replaces fadeout)
x hide interface while painting locked
x header hides when editing card to prevent ui fade in from taking attention away from card text entry
x extreme pinching doesn’t break footer layout

still todo

  • complete QA
  • code review
  • ship

the current plan is to get this shipped/marketed sometime tomorrow


Didn’t spend too much time, but scrolling, painting, and zooming feels good on both iPad and iPhone, including quite large spaces.