Add ability to resize card to full size of image

For some images, especially ones intended to be used for templates, it would be nice to be able to automatically resize a card to 100% of the image size.

can you say more about your use case for this?

The question is how would the app know what the user’s intent is? (ie do they want to just include an image for reference (displayed like a card), or do they want to an image at the image’s original size (presumably to be used in some other context?)?

I don’t think always displaying image cards at image size by default would make for a good experience bc some images are huge and some are tiny, and overall it seems like it may give an unpredictable feeling to drap/drop

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Oops, I didn’t mean automatically in that sense. What I mean is, a way for me to tell the system, hey resize this to 100%. One interaction might be, double-click when hovering the resize corner. This could toggle between full size and user-specified size.

Related idea to this with text: Resize to fit card contents on one line

Love this idea as I’m considering more templates.

For my weekly planner I had to manually make it bigger and then when I tried to make the next weeks below, it was a struggle getting them to match up.

I designed it as 2940px x 1912px so I’m not sure if that’s ideal or not, but I can adjust if there’s ever a way to get it sized up like this.

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