Allow users to edit without signing in

I know permissions are tricky and you have to be careful about abuse, but here’s a use case I often hit. It’s similar to the request for a private read-only level (Add ability to share a private space as read only), but here I want people to be able to edit, but without having to create an account or log in.

This would be super useful for running collaboration sessions because it reduces the friction of getting someone into a space and editing. Figma does something like this where it opens a space for 24 hours:


Specific use case: I’m meeting with some UX researchers in my org that I’ve never met and don’t regularly meet. I’m planning to use Kinopio as our agenda and meeting notes. It’d be great if they could join in and add their own notes and contribute without having to bother them to sign up for a Kinopio account.


PS I feel like the current privacy levels could use some extra documentation to show what the different combinations mean (like the different share levels when you are logged in vs not logged in). I’ve had it in my mind to do it, just haven’t had the focus.