Can't find the inbox button?

hii there! I’m really sorry if this is just something I’m misunderstanding, but based on this blog post from january:

and this help article:

I’d expect to see that inbox button in the bottom left of my space(s) but at the moment all my spaces just look like this:

and I tried to work out whether it was lost in a menu somewhere else but I couldn’t find it anywhere >_<

what am I missing?? :sweat_smile:


I’m really sorry about that , those docs are out of date and I’ll corrent them as soon as I can!

I removed the footer button because few ppl used it and because it caused problems on mobile. My recommendation would be to use the browser extensions to give you the ability to add cards to the inbox from anywhere. Browser Extensions and Integrations

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Thank you for the reply!!! I was more interested in viewing cards that I’ve added to my inbox while I’m in other spaces so I can copy them to the space they should live in - is something like that still available? Or is the recommended approach to do with tags instead?

I do want to add that ability back , probably living inside the sidebar and with the ability to just drag cards directly out of it onto the space (Drag and Drop Cards from Search). But this might take some time for me to get to building.

Tags are a good way to go. You can also paint select and then cmd-c/v to copy/cut/paste cards from one space to another. Even across diff windows or tabs.


Ok cool sounds good!! I’ll take a look at doing something with tags :slight_smile:

apart from that love Kinopio it’s so cute and very nice to use :sparkles:


Thanks so much! Def let me know if you have more questions/issues :slight_smile:

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