Cards in top left hand corner on space reopen

Frequently I will reopen a space and one or more cards will have teleported into the top left hand corner (like 30px away from the edge of the screen), connections intact

When I attempt to click and drag a card that has been so marooned, it will refuse to move, and when I release the button, it will move even further into the top left hand corner (sometimes with its edge actually slightly off screen).

Then, after that, the card may be clicked and dragged as usual. At this point I generally just return it to its spot, and it seems to be back to business-as-usual. I have never just left a card in either state to see whether it returns to normal on its own, because I am impatient and I can’t stop touching things :frog:

It seems to be more likely when collaborating on a space.

Similar to Random connections spawning in the top left corner, although that one has been marked Fixed or Completed.

If anyone has a pic/gif of this do post it, @bentsai ?

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I’ve been seeing this myself. Here is what it looked like in one of my spaces:

Then after reloading, the card moved further in the corner:

I looked in other parts in the space and saw other glitchiness:

some changes were made to how spaces load in the last week, so following up on this to see if this is still a problem for you? I haven’t seen it since

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I saw it most recently this Wednesday, but I didn’t check the logs. It was in Safari on a Mac (I’m normally windows). If it happens again on my usual setup I’ll try to remember to check the logs