Random connections spawning in the top left corner

I went to update a public space I made today and saw this

I thought some asshole decided to be smart and sow seeds of chaos, but after i cleaned up the connections and refreshed the space, it went back to looking the same. I doubt anyone could make that many connections without me noticing their presence in like a span of 10 seconds…

Is this some new bug??


It sure looks like a bug. Can you dm me an invite?

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so having jumped into your space, I see that the connection lines have been cleaned up so I’m only seeing one errant connection line:

based on the cards it’s supposed to be connected to, one of them no longer exists, or maybe never existed (it’s not in the db). I’m not sure of the root cause of this yet, but in the meantime I released a fix so that connection lines will only show up if both cards actually exist, which should fix your space and prevent this issue from showing up again

after fix:

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