Feature request: Directional connections?

I was wondering if there’s a feature or plans to develop an indicator of which way a connection is being made between two cards? Something like an arrow, perhaps?

I love the labeling feature, and I’d like to be able to define relationships like “is a part of”, “can produce”, etc. The problem is if there’s no indicator, you can’t tell if card A “is a part of” card B, or the other way around.

Hope I’m posting this in the right place!


hey hubblebot, welcome to the Kinopio forums!

Directional connections is something I also want and, is in the roadmap for sometime in next two months or so!


Shipped :articulated_lorry: https://twitter.com/KinopioClub/status/1539690939941527552


this is great but visually I find them hard to spot, can we get some options to resize / recolour ?

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can you give me some screenshots/scenarios where they’re hard to spot? is this mainly a color/contrast issue?


Just not that clear at a glance


in a specific color contrast case like that it might make more sense to change the color of the connection type (which you can already do), rather than setting the display properties of an individual arrow

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For me, it’s not about the contrast. As much as I like the subtlety aesthetically, I don’t think it’s obvious the image is an arrowhead that is indicating the direction of the connection.

For example, I created a diagram with some arrowed connections to share with coworkers and struggled whether to keep them or hide them because I didn’t know whether they would be more confusing than helpful.

Some ideas:

  • Animate or expand the arrowhead upon hover
  • Make the arrow a different color (based on connection color)
  • Move arrowhead closer to destination, or have multiple ones


Released an update that slightly bumps up the contrast of arrows, let me know if that helps them stand out enough for you

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Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 11.39.30 AM Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 11.39.04 AM

some screenshots showing the increased contrast in action

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Here’s an example where I find the arrows hard to see. I tried with various colors.

I’m thinking the arrows can be a holdover until something more sophisticated is warranted (animation, stagger the arrow heads, etc). :slight_smile:

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