Setting to disable card "wiggle" animation on select

so when selecting a card there is an animation that wiggles (or moves) the card. this is definitely super-cute aesthetic but also i find it really distracting. it makes it harder for me to align cards because i can’t quite tell where i’ve moved the card cuz it’s wiggling around. sometimes i also get overwhelmed by too much movement on a screen (but that’s pretty subjective/personal).

…might it be possible to have a setting to toggle this animation on/off?

thanks for all you (all) do! <3


Howdy 3dwardsharp!

Currently the easiest way to remove the animation is is with a custom css browser extension, using

.jiggle {
  animation: none !important

That said, depending on the type of aligning you’re doing, you can paint select cards and use the alignment buttons:

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 6.08.53 PM

You can also hold shift while dragging cards to constrain their movement to the x or y axis.

Hope this helps!


Welcome @3dwardsharp! I think this is a good feature request.
Could there be an option within Kinopio to toggle animations? You could also implement a prefers-reduced-motion media query to reduce animations.

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I love this idea and the motivation behind it because it reminds me that animations are not solely a preference but also an accessibility issue. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


ohey! that worked! thank you!

and i missed the alignment stuff before but see it now, very cool!


glad it worked!


I can do that


just pushed an update that disables jiggle animation if browser/os is set to prefers-reduced-motion


This is awesome, nice one Pirijan.

I had a software dev colleague, a few decades older than me, she had had lens replacements in her eyes and really struggled with movement on the screen; things like loading spinners would cause her physical pain (and frustrated anger).

Respecting settings like prefers-reduced-motion makes it possible for a wide audience like her to enjoy Kinopio. Props!

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How do you think the kinopio loading indicators are? Should I also change those to a static black circle or something for reduced animation?


Your loading moons are pretty gentle, but if you want to go all in, then something like a softly pulsing circle could be an improvement in that regard.