Today's Journal with Favorite's Behavior

To build off of Highlighting Today’s Journal, I wonder if Today’s Journal space could also behave similar to favorites in the Spaces dialog. My preference would be for it to live at the top, above favorites, but being the first right after favorites would work as well.


where would you expect to see it in the space list if today’s journal was also a favorite?

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@kordumb I’m curious, how many favorites do you have? I tend to find spaces by visually scanning, and if that fails, by searching. I don’t use favorites as much as I thought I would.

To back up a bit, my goal is to be able to get to today’s journal without thinking. So keyboard shortcut would still be preferred.

Ultimately, if Today floated to the top and was favorited, I’d want the “Today on top” to override the favorite and have it stay on top. Once it’s no longer “today” it would fall into the favorites list as normal (if favorited).

I love the Today icon and it helps with this scenario as well, but knowing it would always be on top would be a nice addition.

@bentsai I have seven at the moment. Which on iOS takes a bit more than a third of the menu. I use it for spaces I regularly visit (or just on a consistent weekly/monthly cadence) so I don’t have to think about searching or scrolling when I inevitably need them.

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As an aside, I kind of wish my favorites didn’t show up in the favorites menu at the bottom.

I get why they are there especially since it’s connected to the heart button and ensures consistency, but the way I use that menu is to return to other peoples spaces. My own spaces tend to add clutter and I never select them from here since they float to the top of the regular dialog space.

I also get the number notification with new updates for my own spaces in the favorites menu…

I can create a separate forum post, but wasn’t sure if this is something that’d actually make sense to others or if it’s just me.


From that, it sounds like

  1. favorites
  2. today
  3. other spaces

and if today was favorited it would be first.

I have about 4 constant, and I may add or lose another 2 as needed. By design, favourites doesn’t work as well if you’ve got too many of them.

yeah I think that makes sense, it’s def a diff issue

I’d be fine with either, but my preference would be:

  1. Today
  2. Favorites
  3. Everything

This is where favoriting today wouldn’t matter because it’s already the top and I wouldn’t want that to change.


This order makes the most sense to me too.

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I created Remove personal favorites from bottom favorites menu